This project started out of a fascination for the strange and fantastic life on our planet; a natural world far more complex and fascinating than our wildest science fiction fantasies.
This series is about the growing separation between humans and the rest of nature. We see the natural world around us as a resource/ product instead of it being a part of us.
We seem to think there is nothing more to discover about our natural world, the mysteries and tales seem to fade. But the idea of undiscovered plants and animals is exciting.

This story is told in a series of photos, and can be seen like a storyboard, with multiple frames frozen in time. 
In “Modded Mimesis” we follow an insect-like figure catching other insects at night in an enchanted forest. She anatomizes these insects into useful pieces and collects the best parts to create a new creature to her liking by bringing various body parts together. This creature slowly comes to life, and starts to look like a miniature version of herself. A narcissistic love story.

The physical and final creature is made of mixed insects, such as butterflies, beetles, and diverse plants and seeds by collaborating artist Cedric Laquieze ( @cedriclaquieze )
The costume of the human insect is designed and made by costume designer Eva Krammer.
Artist: @JipMus
Model: Audrey Borely - @audrey_borely

Technical crew: Rollo van Wijk - @rollovanwijk
Technical crew: Daan Kramer @daankramercine
Technical crew:Nathaniël Van Ouytsel - @itsnvo

Production: Lara Carter - @laradcarter
Production: Lotte Valk - @lottevalk

Make-up: Diego de Mos - @varloc

Costume assistance:
Michalis Pantelidis- @michalis_pantelidis
Lotte Valk - @lottevalk
Lara Carter - @laradcarte
Sem Mus - @sem_mus_
Carlos Victimo - @carlosvictimo
Anke van Veen - @ankevveen1

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